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To Tread the Spiral Path is a Celtic fantasy roleplaying game about exiled Irish warriors questing through the feverish dreamscape of the Otherworld, home of spirits and gods. These exiles have been sent as disposable assassins to do the High King’s blasphemous work. For the blood they spill, he has promised to see their honour and their place in society restored.

On their journey, the exiles will face dangers within and dangers without; the fury and favour of the gods (and who is to say which is more dangerous); the joys and sorrows of the living landscape, huge enough to swallow them whole; spirits and monsters without number; treachery and friendship and the mistrust found between; and the deadly weight of shame and honour.

Will you follow the Spiral Path all the way to its end, or will you stumble and falter? Can you trust your companions to guard your back, or will they plant a knife in it? Can you trust the High King to keep his word? What price will you pay for trespassing onto sacred ground, and into the affairs of druids and gods?


To Tread the Spiral Path uses the same innovative and poetic framework as Meguey and Vincent Baker's Under Hollow Hills, and is best suited for 3-6 players. To Tread the Spiral Path works best for short campaigns of 2-4 sessions, but can easily be adapted for satisfying oneshot play.

Each player chooses an archetype and dreams up an interesting exile based on that choice. As the game goes on, the exiles travel from one place to another—facing perils, learning secrets, making sacrifices, and growing closer or falling apart. In doing so, they make preparations—gathering allies, information, and equipment—to ready themselves for the confrontation that lies ahead. 

Finally, when they are ready, the exiles face the Druid of Oak and Yew and the players learn together how the story ends.

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