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The Endless Sea flows out beyond the horizon. Its tides are strange and its weather wild, true, but its gods are stranger and wilder still. It has more spirits than it has islands - some floating above, some lurking below - and their wonder and peril is beyond compare. 

Across this dream-like expanse, there are a People making a long journey.

The People are travelers, wanderers, voyagers. They are known for many things - watchful eyes, long memories, skillful hands and voices, and wild hearts - but most of all for their  ancestors, who shaped the world they now travel and taught them its taboos and ways.

They  journey towards a far-off destination, hoping for a safe arrival. They journey Across the Endless Sea. 


This is an expansion for Across the Endless Sea, a GMless storygame that tells the story of a seafaring people's strange voyage across a  fantastical ocean. It requires the original game to play.

Incorporating this material into your game will enhance the themes of spirituality and tradition in the game, shifting the narrative to emphasize who The People are and where they've come from, and the ghosts and spirits they've met & left behind along the way.

For a look at how it changes the feel and shape of play, you can check out this recorded session using the new playbooks.

This product contains:

- 1 new Endless Sea playbook (Spirits of the Endless Sea)

- 1 new Aspect of The People playbook (the Law of the People)

- 1 deck of Encounter prompts for the Spirits of the Endless Sea

- 1 rollable table version of the Encounter prompts, for use online


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Aspect: Law of the People.pdf 1 MB
Facet: Spirits of the Endless Sea.pdf 839 kB
Encounter Deck - Spirits.pdf 149 kB
Encounter Prompts List - Spirits.pdf 53 kB

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