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The Endless Sea flows out beyond the horizon. Its tides and stars are strange, and its weather wild and treacherous. Each island and outcrop that breaks the surface is more perilous and wondrous than the last. Outlandish travelers roam over the face of the water, while weirder creatures lurk beneath.

Across this dream-like expanse, there are a People making a long journey.

The People are travelers, wanderers, voyagers. They are known for their keen eyes, their skillful hands, and their lovely voices. Their hearts are as untamed as the sea itself, and their memories as deep.

They journey towards a far-off destination, hoping for a safe arrival. They journey Across the Endless Sea. 


Across the Endless Sea is a GMless storygame that tells the story of a seafaring people's strange voyage across a  fantastical ocean. 

It is inspired by surreal sea voyages in fantasy fiction, especially C. S. Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Ursula LeGuin's Wizard of Earthsea, and aims to create a string of unique vignettes that give the impression of a long strange voyage out at sea.

It is a collaborative roleplaying game  for 3-5 players which takes 3 - 4 hours to play. It features simple common-sense mechanics, structured around evocative lists of options and success/partial success/fail conditions inspired by Apocalypse World, and combines player decisions and random encounter prompts to ensure high replayability.

You can watch Across the Endless Sea being played online here on Once Upon a Game, a variety show for storygames and IndieRPGs.

The game contains:

-5 Endless Sea playbooks & 5 playbooks for the  People

-1 Game Playbook, to keep track of The People's journey. Designed for A3 printing.

-Instructions for how to play the game and run encounters

-Reference diagram to summarize player roles and the order of play

- 1 deck of Encounter prompts for the various Facets of the Endless Sea

- 1 rollable table version of the Encounter prompts, for use in online games


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this roleplaying game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Aspect playbooks.pdf 1 MB
Facet playbooks.pdf 949 kB
Encounter Deck.pdf 166 kB
Encounter Prompt List.pdf 71 kB
Game Playbook (A3).pdf 1 MB
How to Play.pdf 43 kB
Reference Sheet.pdf 20 kB

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