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In the fever of a world in flames
In the season of the hurricanes
Flood will get you if the fire don’t
Any way the wind blows

And there ain’t a thing that you can do
When the weather takes a turn on you
‘Cept for hurry up and hit the road
Any way the wind blows...

Heaven in the Dust gives us lonely roads and towering smokestacks, empty bellies and heavy hearts, fireside camps and strangers' barns; old grudges, swift infatuations, messy loves, precarious community; lilting folk songs and raucous jazz, and always The Fates singing in the back of your head, asking "what are you gonna do now?"


Heaven in the Dust is a GMless roleplaying game about flawed Greek gods struggling with scarcity and mortality down in the dust and dirt of a hostile world.

It charts the gods' messy relationships, their tangled  feuds, their old flames and new loves, and their decisions as they attempt to build community and find happiness on a foundation of shifting sand.

It is a game for 3-6 players, 1 playing The Fates and the others playing gods, and should take between 3 and 4 hours to play a single session. The rules are inspired by Avery Alder & Ben Rosembaum's "No Dice, No Masters" engine and P. H. Lee's Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at the Utmost North.

To play, you will need a printed copy of the game, scrap paper, pens and pencils, and coins to use as tokens.

This game is part of #ReCo2k19 and is inspired by Anais Mitchell's Hadestown, both the original concept album and the musical.

This game is brought to you by the generosity of my Patrons, and especially Cassandra. Thank you all so much.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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